Nov 23 2012

Blow Out Your War Traumas Now!

Recently I did some hypnotic work on a gentleman who works with war veterans down in Israel. It so happened that he was interested in having me work with the Israeli soldiers utilizing the same hypnotic techniques that helped him to let go of his own childhood traumas.

I was relating this opportunity to a radio hostess between segments and she suggested I read the book “Flashback” by Penny Coleman. Her husband committed suicide after returning home from Viet Nam leaving her with a three year old daughter to raise all alone. Ms. Colman wrote the book because there was no place for her to go to get support after this horrific experience. She researched what happened to the soldiers in all the wars America has fought astounded to find the total lack of emotional and medical support for these men.

What is absolutely amazing to my mind is the lack of care that our country has in helping both the soldiers and their families in dealing with the aftermath of doing what they felt was their responsibility, protecting our freedom.

Ms. Coleman makes it very clear that not only do our men not get appropriate care but their families who have given up so much, get little to no services and many times do not receive the services and/or money that is appropriated for their family member having served in the first place.

Whenever somebody goes to war and is traumatized not just by the losses of those close to them, their fellow combatants, but also perhaps by loss of the integrity of their own bodies, it becomes difficult to function for many. In too many cases the physical body looks fine, but the internal strife of repeated flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety and sadness for the losses becomes overwhelming. These emotional difficulties can be addressed in an effective and expeditious manner with the use of neuro-linguistics by reprogramming the mind in such a way that the mind is desensitized by the traumas suffered. It is also very important to forgive those who you have felt wronged you, along with forgiving yourself to thus allowing the anger to leave your body enabling you to live a joyful and productive life.

I have utilized these methods with many individuals who have abuse and trauma histories such as the gentleman mentioned above with wonderful results. Please do yourself and your family a favor and look up neuro-linguistic master practitioners in your area in order to put the pain in the past where it belongs and become a fully productive and joyful participant in your own life. You owe it to yourself and your family.

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