Jun 04 2015

Aviophobia: Fear of Flying: How About A Simple Cure?

 Heidi is ready to enjoy the jet set lifestyleAviophobia: Fear of Flying: How About A Simple Cure? – Vol. 312, June 4, 2015

Over the years that I have been in practice I have worked with some very interesting cases of fear of flying.

My excellent friend and ex-bookkeeper (only because I had the nerve to move out of state where it is difficult for her to continue doing my books) referred her boyfriend to me many years ago. He is an accomplished sound engineer by trade involved in international business where he needed to get on planes and fly across the globe. During one such flight he experienced a major issue with the flight that was ultra scary. It was because of this experience that he was referred to me, to get rid of the problem, so he could fly once again without any fear.

I had a woman who came to see me with a fear of flying, not because of the flight, more because of those long wait times when one is forced to stay in their seat such as after boarding, yet before the plane is at cruising speed and altitude, or during turbulence, This was a distinct possibility during the long flights she was due to take from Metro Boston to East Africa.

I had another client who was needing to get over a fear of flight, and she didn’t even know what the reason was that she was fearful when I saw her. Come to find out it had nothing to do with the flight, but everything to do with not trusting the person with whom she was taking this trip. This we learned while she was in the state of hypnosis while I worked with her.

Even my own Godson had a very turbulent ride on his flight from Florida to Boston a few years ago. Given his love for exploration and doing cool things, especially if it involves escaping the harsh winter weather in New England, that just wouldn’t do. So, one day while he was visiting me he asked me to hypnotize him so that he would no longer have that dreaded feeling while up in the air, especially if any turbulence occurred. In his case, he is able to get on the aircraft, and hope for the best. I wouldn’t say that all his fears have been allayed, yet, he never allows it to get in his way of doing something that he wants to do wherever in the world he may have the opportunity to go.

For the rest of the cases above, they have been totally cleared of their issues so far as I know. They all took their trips and are flying when they have places they would like to go that would make that the best travel choice for them.

So, how does this work? Great question and t so happens I have a bit of research to back it up for those of you who like the science behind the results for the case histories.

There was a study that was done on 30 participants who had an overwhelming fear of flying. Twenty percent ranked their fear as severe while 40% ranked their fear as serious enough to evade flying. After the initial treatment 80% were improved and 6 months later 78% embarked on a flight without any panic. Most of the participants lost their fear of flight entirely while the rest had significant reduction in their phobic responses. 

For all of the case histories that I have told you above, it took one session to handle this issue of fear of flying, no matter the cause of it. So, if you are a person who is putting off flying, or taking alcohol or anti-anxiety medication to put you into a better mind space, perhaps it is time for you to consider getting rid of the problem instead of medicating it. How could you lose when it takes so little time and effort to put this barrier to your living a full life in your past where it belongs?

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