May 11 2013

Are You A Sex Addicted Woman?

sex selesAre You A Sex Addicted Woman? – Vol.200, May 11, 2013

If you are a woman who is fighting sex addiction, I realize that there are few resources to help you deal with your issue. I realized this when I got inquiries from woman who are struggling with this problem commenting to me that there are few places for them to get help.

The Statistics:

If you are a woman who fits this situation, by all means know that you are not alone. There are 13% of women (20% of men) who admit to looking at porn at work. Cybersex is problematic for 40% of females internet users. About 3% of the U.S. population would be female sex addicts (8% for men) according to Patrick Carnes, sex addictions researcher. Sadly about 50% of the females who went to male professional counselors be they clinicians or clergy were sexually abused so a female treater would be best.

Who Is A Sex Addict?

Sex addiction is a global term used to cover addiction to pornography, affairs, sex chat rooms, picking up people in bars and even prostitution. The way one knows if they are addicted to sex versus having a high sex drive is whether the sexual encounter satisfies them. For a sex addict, it really doesn’t matter how much time, money or potential harm comes to them, they still can’t stop the sexual activity. They are obsessively fixated on acting out, unable to stop the impulsive behavior, including hiding the behavior from others. This is because the “pleasure” neurotransmitter is being released into the brain which gives the addict the desire to continue the act from starting with the search phase to the completion of the sexual release.

Like with all addictions a tolerance level is reached where it takes more sexual activity to get the “high” till the ability to feel the pleasure from the dopamine no longer is evident. The addicted will continue the behavior just to feel “normal.”

Addiction by its very nature is an escalates over time with a withdrawal involved.

According to the research done, 81% of sex addicts were sexually abused. In most cases this is an “attachment disorder” in that the child never bonded normally to her caregivers. If the primary caregiver doesn’t look the infant in the eye, the right orbital area of the brain never develops the emotional attachment that is necessary to have healthy intimacy in her life. From that point on, she is looking for love in the wrong places. Since sex is not love and love is not just sex, many of these women feel emotionally hurt. Those who do not feel the emotional hurt have numbed themselves of any emotional connection.

What Can Be Done About It?

Though there are certainly sex addiction counselors and 5 different types of 12-step programs out there to work with people with this issue, I have a different answer. Over the past several years I have worked with sex addicts to let go of their sexual addictions without any of the reported withdrawals that conventional programs are unable to match. I have also been able to help my clients heal in a matter of a month or two without the need to perpetually obsess about the issue, and without needing to label themselves. For me healing occurs when people can re-enter the world living a normal life no longer being involved in the dysfunctional behaviors and that includes perpetually talking about your past behavior. Let it be in the past as you let it go. Search out a hypnotist that can help you to more easily heal from the underlying issues that created the problem in the first place. In this way you will be able to get on with your life, and back with your family where you belong.


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Do I have a Sex Addiction? Now What?

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Do I have a Sex Addiction? Now What?
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