Jan 26 2013

Are You Just Sleep Walking Your Way Through Life?

Vol. 48, March 2007

Many people have had dreams to do some wonderful things with their lives. They have earned certifications or college degrees to do work that they felt was in line with their highest purposes, only to be unable to follow through in the real world.
I just finished working with a client in his early 50s who fits that description. He spent a lot of money on various training through the years, only to find that he was unable to follow through, lacking the self-confidence required. He came in to see me stating that he did not feel that he belonged anywhere in the world, and that living a fulfilling life was just too difficult; at the same time, he was sick of a life of waking up and working long hours in a boring low paying job, going home to sleep and waking up to start the cycle all over again. (Currently he is on medications for depression and seeing a psychologist who isn’t particularly open to his seeking alternative therapy, so he chose not to tell him before coming in for his hypnosis sessions.)

His goals for the hypnosis were based on reigniting the passion that he once had in life while he still had time. This is a highly creative individual- he once performed his own songs in coffee houses. He gave this up because he did not feel that he was good enough to do it, as he did not get the positive feedback that he desired after playing his gigs. On one level he realized that this was mostly in his head and had little to do with reality, but it still kept him away from performing and that bothered him greatly.

He also felt anxious most of the time and had been seeing a chiropractor to ease neck and back aches. I asked him if he thought the pains were physical or psychological in nature. He admitted that he thought they were mostly psychological. I put him into a deep trance and asked him to ask his unconscious mind why he was feeling these pains. He found out that his neck was telling him that he was not listening to himself: he was shutting himself off from anything meaningful to him and that he needed to do the things like his artistic endeavors that made him happy. His stomach was telling him to let go of what hurt from the past and move on.

While he was still in his deep trance, I asked him to come up with three or four activities and an amount of time per week that he could honestly put into them given his work schedule. He readily came up with four activities that he had been putting on hold for a very long time with a reasonable time to do each one.

Since I was centering the hypnosis on getting him motivated to use his creative talents and honoring himself more, there wasn’t a conflict with the psychological interventions he was receiving elsewhere, though the hypnotic work will minimize his depressed feelings. I told him that should either of his psychological professionals see a shift in him for the better, he would need to tell them that he had the hypnosis done. I also directed him to stay on the medications as prescribed until the psycho-pharmacologist decides that it would be safe to lower the amount of medication taken. He was also educated about the horrible things that can happen should he not get the appropriate assistance to do this correctly. He agreed not to play around with his medications even if he were feeling better.

It was a wonderful intervention because by the end he had a plan of action to allow himself to get back in touch with all his creative energy and to start working on developing these artistic abilities once again. He is a songwriter and musician who can play a few different instruments, with the additional talents of drawing, painting and photography. He wasn’t allowing himself any time to do any of these activities; instead he was working many hours as a security guard, bored and depressed with his financial situation. With his new plan in hand -and with the ability to clear his negative emotions and limiting beliefs as they come up while incorporating self hypnosis into his daily routine- he will be able to propel himself further along to actualizing his dreams.

I knew that this intervention was complete when we went to clear his limiting beliefs: as I went down this list he jokingly asserted that he didn’t think I had the right person; nine of the twelve limiting beliefs he had previously listed had nothing to do with the positive feelings he had by the time we got to this last piece of the work. When asked about his physical discomforts, he replied that he had not thought of them. I am certain that he is well on his way to allowing the joy of living back into his world and getting himself connected with work that is more aligned with his talents and interests.

If you are not employing your true self in the work that you are doing, you might want to consider seeing a hypnotist to help you to let go of whatever is stopping you from living your passion.

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