Aug 10 2012

Are Chemicals Taking Our Capacity to be Compassionate Away? – Volume 112, August 4, 2011

by Donna N.

With all the killings and deaths in the news lately I find myself wondering why it is that we human beings have such little to no regard for human life, or any type of life.

One case comes to mind that resulted in my wanting to write this newsletter and thereby ask this question.

The case of the Lynn, Massachusetts woman who went down the slide in a public pool, and never resurfaced. The woman was dead in the water for over two and one half days.The woman was at the bottom of a public pool used by hundreds of people during those two days. No one saw her at the bottom of this pool because according to reports the pool water was too murky. The fact that the Metropolitan District Commission that owns and runs the pool allowed users to swim in water that is murky and therefore most likely unhealthy is bothersome in itself. I have always owned pools and even in the deepest part of the pool one can clearly see the bottom, especially if there was an adult size body at the bottom. For the water to be so murky one cannot see a body at the bottom is disturbing.

An even more upsetting part of this story as the facts come out, the 9 year old that had preceded the dead woman down the slide had told not one, but two lifeguards that this woman went into the water and did not resurface. One lifeguard said she was on break and to tell another lifeguard.The other lifeguard said he’d look into it and obviously never did. How can one not locate an adult sized body especially if the boy, who at 9 years old stated she was down there? The pool should have been closed and searched thoroughly. We are talking about a human life here. I would think that the minute the 9 year old told the lifeguard there was someone in the pool who went under water and never resurfaced, he or she would have jumped in immediately. To me it would be an automatic response, like breathing.

I feel  as a human being, and as part of the current class of humans we are really losing it as a feeling and caring species. I see and hear on a daily basis mothers killing their children, fathers killing their entire families. I am guessing they are stressed and this is the reason behind these killings.
Drunk drivers wiping out entire families, without even a thought of remorse. If they had any sense of remorse, they wouldn’t repeat the act over and over again one would think.They would do what ever it took to clear their addiction.

An interesting theory that comes to my mind as to why all this disregard for life has to do with drugs. When I mention drugs, I not only mean illegal drugs, I mean all chemical substances: prescriptions, alcohol, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, weight loss drugs, drugs to stop smoking, drugs that are put on our foods such as insecticides or in our foods such as antibiotics. All of it.

Dr. Daniel Amen has done numerous studies on brains that have been exposed to illegal substances as well as alcohol. He has shown in his studies that these substances literally cause holes in our brains. I am wondering if these holes are causing us as humans to have no feelings over the years.The feeling part of our brains just is not functioning and we are evolving into a non-caring species, without the regard for human life.

There is a drug for every human undesirable behavior one can imagine, as there is a drug for every desirable human behavior imaginable. All at our disposal.There for the asking, but do we really need them?

With all these drugs and chemicals in our bodies one wonders what is becoming of our brains over the years. What is our human body, mind and spirit morphing into from all this chemical use? The scary part is we don’t just have to go through the act of physically ingesting these drugs. We are getting “drugged” on a daily basis every time we eat or breathe. Chemicals in the air as pollution. Chemicals in our food supply from antibiotics in the chickens, to mercury in our fish, to oil in the shellfish, to radioactive iodine in our milk. Even a bag of candy M & M’s  – read the package sometime and notice all the chemicals listed for the colors.

Drugs and chemicals are for the most part unavoidable. Even if we buy all organic and eat the best meat and food available, we still need to breathe. Every time we put on bug spray or even wash our hair or bodies, we are introducing chemicals into our bodies.

I just can’t help but wonder what these chemicals are doing to us over time. How are they are affecting out thoughts and our actions? Are our thoughts and our minds being changed because our brains are being slowly altered due to the ingestion of these chemicals?

I don’t believe that people are just born killers or rapists or drug addicts. I believe that for whatever reason our environment contributes to this in some manner. I feel if one treats their body in a healthy manner, they are at least doing all they can to ensure good health. Along those same lines, one needs to do the same for their brain as well. Just as one takes care of their body, one needs to take care of their minds and their brain. I can’t help but wonder how all the chemicals and drugs are effecting one’s brains.

I once did an experiment for a high school biology course. It involved taking apart a Sudafed and painfully separating the white dots from the red ones in the capsule. I placed the red ones on a live goldfish’s tail and we looked under a microscope and saw the blood flow speed up dramatically, we did the same for the white particles and the blood flow slowed down considerably. Now keep in mind you as the human consumer are taking both white and red together in the capsule as Sudafed, a nasal decongestant. Also keep in mind that your body and brain are getting these “medications”, as a harmless capsule, telling your body and brain to speed up and slow down at the same time. It is no wonder people are it seems, going insane? Please note that no goldfish were killed during this experiment, though they were a bit dazed when put back into the tank.

I for one, having found hypnosis make it a point in my life to avoid putting any chemicals  into my body, as much as I reasonably can.
I stopped my need for antidepressants through hypnosis. I ended my addictions through hypnosis. I am eating more healthy food and working on weight control currently using hypnosis.

It just seems to me, any way I can prevent putting a drug or chemical into my body makes sense. I can’t totally keep my body free from all drugs or chemicals, but I can make a substantial reduction in the amount I choose to ingest. I just can’t help but wonder what all these chemicals might be doing to my body and my mind on a daily basis.

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