Feb 20 2014

Another Learning From the Hospital: Everybody Has Issues

American Red Cross Administrative HeadquartersAnother Learning From the Hospital: Everybody Has Issues -Vol. 239, Feb. 20, 2014


As we go through life dealing with our own challenges requiring the help of others sometimes we forget that everybody has issues with which to contend. This came up as I was being asked by the nurse at the hospital if I had any family who could help me out. She knew that being on crutches and living alone is a daunting task. I explained that I had family that lived far enough away and each had challenges of their own. No one was going to be able to come here to help me out. That said she explained to me that every family has their “stuff” to deal with.


I was amazed to hear this nurse tell me that she had two manic depressive daughters. One of them knows exactly what she needs and is doing quite well. For this she feels grateful. The other manic depressive daughter is without any insight and is in a much more delicate situation as a result. The nurse worries about her all the time, not really knowing how better to help her have a better life.


I was struck by the transparency that this nurse had with me as she told me about her situation. She said she told it to me because she wanted to let me know that all families have their problems and the best we can do is to find those who can help and support us. I went to work to find those people who are my friends and could help me out. In the mean time she got me some home visits with the physical therapist and an occupational therapists to help me better navigate getting things done for myself, something I was thrilled to have offered.


I believe this nurse’s admission of her own life’s challenges serves to reminds us that people everywhere have things in their personal lives that take a certain amount of emotional space in their minds. It is a reminder that even though people have these things going on in the back round of their lives, some of them can still act in a professional manner giving the best they have. It is a reminder to us to be gracious for what we receive with love and compassion from these caregivers and really anyone who chooses to be present and helpful to you, especially in your time of need.

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