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All You Have to do is Believe in Spirit – Vol. 89 June, 2010

Written by Donna N.

Somehow Spirit has guided me through all I have been through lately and I know as long as I continue to believe in Spirit, all will work out for the better.

It was about one year and 9 months ago I first came to view the Dawning Visions Website on my computer. Some how a spirit guided me to that website. I was determined to find an alternative method to rid myself of the demons of alcohol and drug addiction that had plagued me since the age of 19 or so.  I was 54 at the time I googled the word “alcohol” and somehow came up with the Dawning Visions Hypnosis website.  I knew a little about hypnosis because I had tried it when I was in my early 20’s for a fear of dentists and needles. I knew that I could be hypnotized and I knew that it could work, at least in the case of the dentist and needles, because it had. I surfed around the DVH website and read all the testimonials and for the first time in a long time I had felt some hope.

Thirty some odd years I had been trying, rather unsuccessfully to stop the abuse of alcohol and drugs. I had also suffered from depression and most clinicians would call it self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. I would call it Russian Roulette now. Looking back a year and nine months later, I admit only now that I could have died on any number of occasions.  Asked that question a year ago and I would have denied that simple fact. Taking 8-10 percocet a day, how long could my luck hold out? Today, I believe it is because my spirit is guiding me to do what I have been called to do.  As I am discovering, it is the reason that my cousin Little Jimmy had died from heroin addiction, and I was able to survive.  Sometimes we just have to trust in the belief that we do not always know what our lives will hold and where they will take us. Sometimes we just have to believe that spirit will get us through to the other side and all will be well if it is meant to be. It is not easy not knowing what we do not know.

I called the DVH website number and made the appointment. From this point on when I let spirit guide me, things would somehow always work out. It would be easier to know how and why, to have an explanation-at least that is what my conscious mind tells me- however to just allow spirit to guide me always seems to work out for the best in the end. Some how when I let go and allow spirit to guide me and I let my unconscious mind go on auto-pilot-somehow it works out. It was when I tried to figure it all out, I would worry about things and tried to take control of the situation myself that things would get gummed up and not work out.

I had intended only to work on drug and alcohol “control”. I never imagined that I could lick addiction totally. That is, I never imagined that I could not have the cravings. I never imagined I could become a non-addict, or become a non-addict and just have it all in my past once and for all. All I wanted was to stop and get a control on it. Stopping previously using 12 step programs and also stopping using the social worker therapist weekly meetings helped me to put the drugs down, however it never really got the cravings out of my system. It never really altered the addict mind I developed and began to live by. It never really put the demon behind me in my past, It only buried it, only to re-surface when I was not looking, when my guard was down. Going to 12 step meetings only proved to me that  as addicts we can not be anything other than “recovering addicts”. Hypnosis changed that and took it out of my being. Hypnosis killed that proverbial monkey on my back for good, and proved that I could indeed become a non-addict.

I also knew that I had enough of the usual way for after 30 years it had never worked. Here I was 54 years old facing another round of daily drug use. One thing I knew for certain, my body could not take another round of drug/alcohol abuse.

I made the appointment and started working with Suzanne. The only thing that was required of me was that I was willing to do whatever it took to get to where I wanted.  I had thought that all I wanted was to stop the drug cravings at the time and I was willing and that required some faith on my part.  I had no idea what it was going to take nor what I was going to have to do. I had to believe that I would be able to “do” and that in itself required faith in something greater than myself. I also had to believe in Suzanne.  The things that I was asked to do were not easy, and because I had faith in Suzanne, it made it possible. Had I not not had faith in Suzanne, I would not have had faith in myself.

Faith in oneself. Faith in someone else. Faith in something. Ultimately, faith in Spirit.

There was a man named Bill Fern, a distant cousin of Suzanne’s. He had given Suzanne enough money to take a much needed trip to Israel. Suzanne had discovered she had a mengionoma shortly prior to the end of our work together.  A non-cancerous brain tumor which required 6 weeks of proton therapy through the summer 2009 to eradicate it. After the therapy for the brain tumor, Suzanne took off for the 3 month hiatus to Israel. She had wanted to work as a hypnotist with the Israeli people. It was not meant to be.  She would be called home by a power greater than herself to work on issues here in the states.  She had been trying to do this for over 8 years, struggling to build her practice, while supporting herself. Newly divorced, it was difficult, however she never lost faith. She believed that a spirit was guiding her and never lost touch with that.  She never let go of that and let “spirit” guide her. Because of this, the trip that Bill Fern had so generously given her allowing her the “change” he felt she needed with the only instructions when asked by Suzanne what she could do in return for this generous gift: “First of all have fun and by all means see the entire country because it is only the size of New Jersey. Second you need to go to the most spiritual place on earth for Jews, the Wailing (Western) Wall and leave your wishes in a crevice in the wall”  and lastly to give a like kind gift to a stranger sometime in the future”, she has been able to be a catalyst for monumental events to come.

Belief in a compelling future much less having a compelling future.

It all started with the fact that Suzanne had noticed an extremely depressed person sitting in the chair asking for help with abuse of alcohol and drugs. I was fearful of going back to a daily regimen of percocets and alcohol. I had only wanted to not want these demons back in my life full time. I never imagined that I could be rid of them completely as in forever.  I never knew that I could be a non-depressed person.  I am sure Carolyn S. never imagined that she could be a non-anorexic person. After all these are diseases that are NOT curable. However, with Suzanne’s help through hypnosis she was able to clear these from our selves.  Had I not “believed” I would not be an non-depressed; non-addict with no cravings for drugs, I would not be able to be free from the anti-depressants I was convinced I had needed by the doctors, therapists and social workers.  I would definitely not have a compelling future.

Today I believe that a spirit greater than myself guides me and I work to follow where it takes me.  That all I have been through is for a reason and some of that reason is making sense now.

And the parts that do not make sense I just need to trust in spirit and that I will understand when the time has come to understand. That is the hardest part for my conscious mind wants so much to understand. Trust when one does not know why is hard, but after all that is what it is all about; trust in spirit, unconditionally. Trust in my un-conscious mind, unconditionally.

Today I am one year and 3 months free from anti-depressants, with no cravings nor worries of abusing drugs or alcohol in my future.

All because I had faith and believed in hypnosis and Suzanne.

Sometimes spirit works through others.

I really believe that spirit has worked through Bill Fern for Suzanne and through Suzanne for me.

Together we will be embarking on the biggest journey of all three of us to come. All because we believe in a spirit greater than ourselves. All because Bill Fern believed in Suzanne who believed in me because I believed in her.

I owe my life and compelling future to Suzanne and the Dawning Visions Research Foundation is being born because Bill Fern wanted to give Suzanne a ‘teachable moment”. Together we will eradicate addictions one person at a time and better yet, through specialized trainings for the licensed practitioners to learn how to eradicate the addictions of anyone who seeks them out for professional guidance.  And all you have to do is believe in spirit, allow it to occur and allow it to happen, as I have and we continue to do daily. Magic happens.

If you desire something for the better of the world, and its beings, it will happen if it is meant to be.

The Dawning Visions Research Foundation is meant to be and will soon come to fruition bigger than any of us could imagine.

Just yesterday I was feeling very blessed for all the people and “things” that have come into my life as of  the last year or so.  A pretty dramatic change from the daily suicidal depressed thoughts I used to have.

And it all began when I decided that the usual methods do not work and believed with all my heart and soul that there had to be a better way. With a phone call my life has changed so quickly with the guidance of spirit showing me how to do what I am here to do all flows as effortlessly as spirit allows. All this thanks to Bill Fern, Suzanne and Little Jimmy, whose spirit is working thru me.

If you have an addiction, or are depressed, or anorexic, bulimic or just need help, call the phone number on the web-site as I did a year and 9 months ago to be amazed at what you too can create for your self and the greater world.  All that is required is belief that you will overcome, belief in spirit will help and take care of you and it will all fall into place as you do the work.  It is truly amazing.

Even if you are not able to believe in spirit, a willingness to do whatever it takes is all that is required.  Believing in Spirit helps, however, even if you do not believe when you make the initial call, you most likely will by the end of the journey.

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