Feb 06 2014

Accidents Do Happen! Then What?

Friendship, Göteborg, Sweden

Vol. 237, Feb. 6, 2014  Accidents Do Happen! Then What? – Vol. 237, Feb. 6, 2014

We always think that things will be fine as we go about doing our daily living, until one day something like tripping over a mound of frozen snow ends up breaking one’s ankle. And, when that happens you learn all sorts of very important lessons about life. Let me share a few of the things that I have learned through this little experience.

First, I was feeling very blessed that a couple had just parked in front of where I found myself landed, hearing me screaming in pain as I couldn’t get up on my left leg at all. I had never felt this sort of pain before, having never broken any bones before. This was especially important because it was about 8 degrees outside. The couple’s quick response to help me up and into my car where I could turn on some heat was very important as my hands were starting to numb out.

Second, I was very blessed to have a quick emergency response to get me on the way to the hospital so I could find out what was going on with me. Nothing worse than not knowing what damages were done.

Third, I was very blessed to have an excellent friend, who wasn’t feeling so well herself,  bring me some clean clothes, my phone chargers and computer or I would have been very bored for the two days I was in the hospital dealing with this injury.

Fourth, I was very happy and content in the hospital given the positive attitude of the hospital staff and the loving care that was given throughout the whole ordeal. I have been in hospitals a few different times without this sort of wonderful care given previously.

Fifth, I realized how difficult it is to get around with a huge weight on one’s foot trying to balance on crutches – so to be much more respectful of people who have to use these things.

Sixth, I realized how much harder it is to do everything when one can’t put any weight on one of their feet. My is it hard to negotiate around things.

Seventhth, I realized how kind people can be when it takes me forever to maneuver in public places. A few people were at the post office where I had to mail a package to my accountant, and they all smiled and told me to take my time. That was a lovely respite from people generally being in such a rush.

Eighth, I realized the fantastic friends I have who are doing everything in their power to help me in any way they can to get those things done that need to be done. I am in the middle of moving and need help packing, moving, getting rid of stuff – and people are there to help out – just amazing.

Ninth, I found a very sweet gentleman who was just fine renting to a “gimpy” as he is a retired fireman and is used to “helping” people. That was the hardest part of the whole ordeal, finding someone who is willing to rent a space to a person who now can’t even take care of herself at the moment. God works in mysterious ways.

Tenth, I found out that I had excellent insurance allowing me to have in-home help to get me used to doing stuff with only one operational leg at least for a while.

Eleventh, I found some really great guys to help with the packing and moving of my stuff at could only be seen as a reasonable rate.

It really is when one goes through tough times that one finds out who one’s friends truly are in life. It may very well astound you who will come through for you just for telling the story, without truly asking for help – those who get it “get it” and are there.

I asked my friends why they were there for me and I want to share what they said because this could be a very good learning for you. I was told by one, that it is because I remind her of herself: a good person doing her best to help her community, yet needing to take into consideration the fact that one needs to be flexible and do what is necessary to make it in these tightened economic times. She has been working on giving me a “reality check” for the past year and a half. Another told me that she wanted to be there more than she could because of her own health issues, because I was there for her through much of her own health issues through the past few years. Yet another just because she loves who I am inside and all the good that I have done in the world through my work and would never allow me to feel alone. And one because we have been helping each other out quite a bit recently, so he was there to help in any way he could. He was the one who picked me up at the hospital and did a few errands with me that needed to be done. He also helped me to find my new place and will help with some of the down sizing that needs to happen.

So, who could you count on if you found yourself in a miserable state of affairs and needed the help? I am here to tell you is that what goes around comes around. More importantly you may find that the people that you thought were there for you aren’t while others who you would never would have expected to will be there for you.


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