Jul 21 2016

8 Ways You Can Help Someone Who Is Feeling Anxious

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8 Ways You Can Help Someone Who Is Feeling Anxious – Vol. 371, July 21, 2016

I have many clients who come to me who feel that they have lost their lives because of the anxious sick feelings that they have inside themselves. My clients have come to me thinking they were dying the first couple of times they experienced anxiety., as a result of the physical symptoms involved in anxiety, going to the emergency room thinking they are having a heart attack. It is a very scary feeling and one that deserves empathy.

Sometimes my clients have gotten so low, they thought that they would never be able to live a decent quality of life again. The negative thoughts come in and invade their ability to be happy.

Here are the 8 ways that we can do to help out those we care about who are suffering with anxiety:

  1.  Let them know that they can be open with you about what they are going through, without any judgment. Let them know that they can call you any time they feel anxious.
  2.  Realize that those with anxiety realize that that their fears shouldn’t be so strong, and yet using logic isn’t a help to them at all.
  3.  Being with others, will help their anxieties to lessen.
  4.  Go out in nature to a calming place.
  5.  Get them to do some deep breathing. The best way to do this is to have the person take a deep breath in and hold it for a couple of seconds and then exhale it. Have them do this three or four times.
  6.  Have them stay away from alcohol and drugs because these can bring on the anxiety.
  7.  Make sure they are eating healthy whole foods so that their body has what it requires to function appropriately.
  8.  Learning meditation or self-hypnosis will help them to relax which is the opposite of being anxious.

The anxiety came into existence for a reason. It’s important to recognize that fact. Generally something negative occurs and then thoughts of that time, or situations similar to that situation will trigger the anxiety. If the anxiety has been there for a while these circumstances can broaden out with many more events triggering these feelings of anxiety. For most people to be totally rid of the anxiety, these causes need to be understood, dealt with and released. However, the suggestions given above can help you to assist a person you care about to gain some immediate relief, and be very grateful to you for being there for them.

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