May 18 2017

Help For Diabetics, Hypnotically Speaking

diabetes photoVol. 414, May 18, 2017 – Help For Diabetics, Hypnotically Speaking – Vol. 414, May 18, 2017

Anyone who has diabetes realizes that it is a progressive disease that needs to be treated and healed, to stop the progression to blindness, neuropathy, skin ulcers that can lead to amputation and heart and lung problems.

By the way diabetes can also interfere with the natural workings of the brain because it can’t use the sugar that the brain needs to function. In this case, use medium chain fatty acids such as coconut oil to help your brain function.

There are different reasons why a person may become diabetic according to medical science. However, the one that I care about is the one that is due to emotional hurt, figured out by my colleague Gerald Kein over many years of practicing hypnosis. He saw that diabetes developed in people who had resentment and regret regarding the closer relationships in their lives. This created the emotional state of sadness and sometimes anger. He found that if one was to heal these emotional issues it made it much easier for them to heal their diabetes. His clients were able to lose weight, while helping his clients focus on eating high nutrition, low sugar based diets. By doing so he could help them to get off their type 2 diabetes medications and lower their type one diabetes medications ALWAYS with the HELP of the client’s DOCTOR of course.

I know that when one is craving carbs, it becomes difficult to limit those things that that turn to glucose (your body’s sugar). And it is the lack of being able to use that glucose to energize your cells that is the diabetes leading to cell death.

So, maybe you could use a bit of assistance by clearing your sadness and anger first, Then get a bit of help sticking to the diet that will best helps you to heal your diabetic issues?

Because the one thing that I do know after being in hypnotism for almost 15 years, is that those seemingly physical issues, are caused by emotional issues. Really, this is true. So, if you are game, give me a call and I would love to help you better understand the mind-body connection with diabetes: 781-315-1719 – do understand that I am in Southern California so Pacific Time is my time.

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