Jan 25 2018

5 Tips to Slow Down Your Intake of Alcohol

5 Tips to Slow Down Your Intake of Alcohol – Vol. 438, January 25, 2018

First of all, I would like to educate you as to the damage that alcohol can do to your brain. It really is a toxin to your brain. If you are drinking more then one drink as a woman more then three times a week and two drinks as a man three times a week, you are doing damage to your brain. If one drinks just one to seven drinks a week, the brain has been shown to shrink. This according to a 2008 study in the Archives of Neurology.

In Amen Clinics article Alcohol is Not a Health Food posted June 15, 2017, Dr. Amen writes of the Lancet publishing a study of 115,000 subjects reporting that alcohol increased the risk of cancer and physical injuries.

We know that alcohol causes fatty liver disease, damages the cerebellum, which helps with coordination and of mood. Vitamin B1 is not absorbed as well, predisposing people to serious cognitive problems, because the prefrontal cortex nerves are not firing in a normal functional manner.

Sugar abuse is also an issue with those who drink a lot of alcohol, stimulating your appetite, even if you feel full. It increases the production of insulin, which can lead to low blood sugar, decreasing your decision-making ability.

So here are the 5 Tips to Slow Down Your Intake of Alcohol:

1. Choose friends that do not make a habit of drinking and are not into going to bars. Because, if you hang out with such people, what do you think you will be finding yourself doing? I know that I have found myself in this position and have made it my business to not go on outings to bars. If I do, I have one drink and that is it. The best part of this solution is that I know that I am in control of myself and that I won’t be having a hangover the next day. The amount of calories I have drunk, alcohol being loaded with calories, is reasonable.

2. If you are going to drink, drink something that is without alcohol between your drinks of alcohol. This does two things. First, it cuts down on the amount of alcohol you are drinking while keeping you hydrated as alcohol is a diuretic.

3. Take your time with your drink. During the winter I like a shot of Kahlua in a mug of coffee. I drink about half of it and then add another coffee to the rest. In this way, I have plenty to drink volume-wise, with only one shot. It saves about $4 on each shot as well. So it’s actually a much better deal.

4. Schedule something for the next morning, because you will be more likely to watch your drinking if you know there is something that you want to do the next day.

5. Realize that your health is the most important thing that you have, which includes having good judgment. Be mindful of what you are doing. Know that if you are unable to control your drinking, that perhaps you have an issue with it and get some help with it.

I have two other articles that I wrote a long time ago that speak to the warning signs of drinking habits right here:

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And here is another one that will help you to understand if you have an issue with alcohol abuse:

Have an issue with alcohol? How do you know if you are an abuser of alcohol or a full blown alcoholic?

Have yourself a wonderful and productive New Year, minus the abuse of alcohol, saving some brain cells and keeping your liver healthy while you are at it!

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