Mar 03 2016

13 Tips to Help Your Asperger’s Kids To Navigate the World

 Dolbadarn.13 Tips to Help Your Asperger’s Kids To Navigate the World – Vol. 351 – March 3, 2016 

I am currently working with an 18 year old young woman with Asperger’s. She is very intelligent, though she has told herself that she is not. She is funny, capable of reading and writing very well, and has a great talent for singing. However, at this stage in life she is a bit behind where she ought to be because of this thing called Asperger’s.

  1. People with Asperger’s are very sensitive to artificial flavorings, colorings and anything artificial in their food sources. When they consume these sorts of products, their thinking gets fuzzy, their energy fizzles and their frustration levels go sky high. So, rid your home of any prepackaged foods with ingredients that you cannot pronounce or that you know are artificial.
  2. People with Asperger’s have significantly less bifido bacteria in their gut microbiome which is being better understood for the lack of neurological development of the brain. These people need to be given yoghurt with Lactobacillus rhamnosus and omega 3s to help their gut – brain functioning.
  3.  Given that most people with Asperger’s have deficits in social skills, they will need help with better emotional regulation, understanding “criticism” as “feedback” upon which to improve themselves, showing up on time and doing the work they are given to do both in the school and work venues.
  4. Because many with Asperger’s will be taking various medications, the interactions with alcohol need to be explained in a realistic fashion. Since many Asperger’s people are very rule-oriented, explaining the illegal use of drugs and alcohol for minors, will help them to stay safe in this arena.
  5.  It is fairly easy to find yourself arguing or nagging to your Asperger’s youth. However,  first figure out if this is something that is large enough to address. If it is, best to get to the bottom of the issue by setting a time to talk about it with them when they are calm and receptive to hearing what you have to say.
  6. If you have a teen that isn’t doing well in school or feels like they don’t fit in, and the administration isn’t helping the teacher to work with your teen, then it is best to find a school that is able to better deal with your child’s special needs. Your child should have an Individualized Educational Plan to address whatever needs your child has with objectives to be met for the school year. In some cases you may need to hire a lawyer to get the needed services.
  7. Use positive reinforcement for behavioral change, replacing the negative behavior with one that will be much more helpful for your youth. Rewards need to be immediate, frequent, powerful, clearly defined, and consistent. If you are going to use food of any sort for a reinforcement, do so infrequently and make sure the food is natural and healthy for your child.
  8. Realize that your Asperger’s child is going to be emotionally younger than their chronological age, so have realistic expectations and treat them accordingly
  9. Plan ahead and give warnings whenever there is going to be a transition. Discuss in advance what is to be expected and have your child repeat back to you what they understand, to make sure you are both on the same page.
  10. As parents, you need to remember that you are the ‘role models” for your kids. So, if you are expecting them to be able to negotiate with you, best you negotiate instead of having verbal battles due to your own inflexibility. Teach your child how to become less rigid by giving a couple of suggestions or options that could be adopted.
  11. When tempers flare, best for everyone to take a break and come back later to discuss the matter.
  12. It is on you as parents to discuss the topic of sex with your Asperger’s teen. You will need to speak about ‘inappropriate touch” by others, how to have safe sex and and how to protect against being forced to do something that maybe your child is not ready for. Girls need to learn that she is too old to give hugs to strangers and boys need to learn to masturbate in private. Both need to learn about what causes pregnancy to avoid it, and how to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases. I did a weblog on STDs February, 2016 .
  13. Most of all, love your child for who they are, celebrating their unique abilities. Engage them in activities they enjoy, outside of the technological world of video games and social media. They can learn much from you about how to have eye contact while interacting, and how to empathize with others. Help them to learn to make the most of their unique abilities in the real world and all will work out fine in the end.

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